Senior Program Committee

Senior Area Chairs

Computational Social Science and Social Media
Oren Tsur

Discourse and Pragmatics
Bonnie Webber

Dialogue and Interactive Systems
Matthew Pruver
Verena Rieser

Document analysis, Text Categorization and Topic Models
Udo Kruschwitz

Generation and Summarization
Anya Belz Annie Louis

Green and Sustainable NLP
Roy Schwartz
Emma Strubell

Information Retrieval, Search, Question Answering
Maarten de Rijke
Mounia Lalmas

Information Extraction and Text Mining
Antoine Doucet

Interpretability and Model Analysis in NLP
Arianna Bisazza
Aurelie Herbelot

Language Resources and Evaluation
Barbara Plank
Vera Demberg

Language Grounding to Vision, Robots, and other
Marie Sien Moens

Linguistic Theories, Cognitive modeling and Psycholinguistics
Afra Alishahi

Machine Learning in NLP
Shay B. Cohen
Andre F. Matins

Machine translation
Martin Volk
Mark Fishel

Multidisciplinary and COI
Marco Kuhlmann

Roi Reichart

LP Applications for Crisis Managment and Emergency Situations
Robert Munro

Semantics: lexical
Sebastian Pado
Marianna Apidianaki

Semantics: sentence level and other areas
James Henderson

Sentiment Analysis and Argument Mining
Roman Klinger
Viviana Patti

Phonology, Morphology, and Word Segmentation
Ryan Cotterell

Mikko Kurrimo

Tagging, Chunking, Syntax, and Parsing
Joakim Nivre
Carlos Gomez Rogriguez