Welcome to EACL 2021

At EACL 2021, we have tried to recreate a true conference experience.

As conferences go online, we have the added advantage of not having to travel and reduced costs, but we all lack the social activities and the personal contacts, so important in our professional and scientific lives.

In the first two days of the conference, there are five tutorials that will have both prerecorded materials and Q/A sessions at different times of the day. There are 14 workshops, each with a rich program, including both oral and poster sessions.

In the main sessions, we will have prerecorded videos of talks, that you can watch at your convenience and Q/A sessions for oral talks, in many parallel sessions. We will also have true poster sessions of all the talks, where you can walk around the rooms and look at posters and also talk to the authors. Early students will have their own dedicated workshop. There will be two days of demonstrations and sponsor booths will be available during the conference.

There are three fantastic live-streamed talks that will also be available later as videos.

And there are many social activities for all five days of the conference:

  • Birds of a feather
  • Affinity groups
  • Mentoring activities
  • Social games
  • Satellite events, such as WINLP

Just look at the number of sessions and activities we have prepared for you! Join us on April 19-23!