Welcome to the Third Day of EACL 2021!

Today is the third day of the EACL. The main conference starts today with an opening remark at 8:45 CSET, followed by the first Keynote by Marco Baroni on “On the gap between computational and theoretical linguistics”. The whole day consists of different papers live QA sessions. At your leisure before or during the conference, scan through the schedule, read the papers, and/or watch the videos. Decide which ones you want to talk to the authors about. At 17:00 CEST, there is a panel discussion on “NLP Applications for Crisis Management and Emergency Situation” moderator by Gretchen McCulloch. Please note that from 18:00 to 22:00 CEST the Gather Town is open to simulate the real conference experience and socialization.

Multiple D&I and Social Events are also planned for the day; details available here. Some of these events are:

There will be multiple mentoring and sessions that will be announced on the fly; keep an eye on RocketChat’s social event channel. Please see the Day 1 newsletter for tips for maximizing the conference experience, and the EACL’s code of conduct is in place.

Happy EACLing.
On behalf of EACL 2021 General Chair and Program Chairs.